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Honeymoon Croatia

S. Johnson once said that honeymoons are a time "when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure". We most certainly agree.

A honeymoon is a special occasion and there is almost no need to say it. After the wedding rush and the most important ''I do'' in your lives you want to steal a few moments for the two of you and for the start of your life together. Relax, this is our job and no stress is allowed.

We plan for you honeymoons in Croatia, providing you a memorable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Just imagine a honeymoon of your dreams – long beaches, crystal clear sea waters, picturesque islands, eight Croatian national parks, candle-light dinners, wine tastings, aromas and flavors...

Croatia - a land of a thousand islands, magical nature and rich heritage, land whose beauties have been celebrated since ancient times is perfect scenery for a unique honeymoon experience. We offer you the most luxurious locations In Croatia – Dubrovnik, the island of Hvar, Istria combined with matching services provided by our partners.

Send us a quote and we will do our best to satisfy all your desires.


Honeymoon News

Anthony Bourdain in Croatia: “Holy S*** That’s Good!”

”I can’t believe it took me this long….. It took me to get here. This is f****** awesome.”           Unless you have been hidden away on one of Croatia’s many uninhabited islands (there are over 1,100 of them), by now you have probably heard that Anthony Bourdain of the widely popular Travel Channel TV show, No Reservations, kicked off Season 8 by visiting Croatia. Certainly Anthony Bourdain’s own reactions to his experiences in Croatia fueled much of the elation mirrored by his viewers as we watched him suck on briny oysters and garlicky mussels; hunt for Istrian truffles with “Shotzy the Wonder Dog”; skewer sashimi tuna; gorge himself on shark liver pate, fish tripe and lobster; drizzle “amazing spicy Croatian olive oil”; carve succulent slivers of Paški cheese; savor slow-simmered Skradin risotto; and swirl and swallow several liters of local wine. Often Bourdain could not contain his amazement and surprise, exclaiming over and over again,”Holy s*** that’s good”.                 By Cliff Rame                                                                          


Unique Honeymoon Destination: Croatia                                                                                                        To the uninitiated, the very name has a can’t-quite-place-it vibe that compounds the country’s intrigue. But Croatia hardly needs the help.  Even if this Adriatic beauty had the blandest name ever, the local offerings are so special — from ancient hill towns to the Caribbean’s identical twin sea, to truffles and olive oil so good, you should probably leave the skinny jeans at home — a honeymoon here is heaven on earth. By: Abbie Kozolchyk


10 Honeymoon hotspots - CROATIA

There is no better way to cap off a lifetime commitment then with a trip of a lifetime. Here's where to go for the most exceptional - and exotic - experiences.
By Jessica Dickler, CNNMoney.com staff writer

CROATIA has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in Europe, but the booming tourist industry was interrupted by war in the early 1990s. Now tourists are rushing back to enjoy the country's long stretch of Adriatic coast.


CROATIA HONEYMOON: an A-list getaway

When Beyoncé and Jay-Z cruised Croatia this summer, they hit Dubrovnik for a glam night out, while Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria and basketball hubby Tony Parker took a dip in the country’s crystal clear seas, and wandered the beaches of its uninhabited islands. Well, what can we say? There’s nothing like an a-list love-in for putting a country on our honeymooning map… 

By http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk

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